Programs at Greystone Nature Preserve
Monday, May 24, 2010
Adaptive Experiential Education
Greystone Nature Preserve supports education of people at all levels.  The best way to learn here is a hands on approach that stimulates the mind.  You might identify a rock as a “Pumice Stone,” but
Local Schools
These interdisciplinary programs connect local students with the unique history and natural environment of Northern Chautauqua County while meeting NY State Core Curriculum Standards.
Toddlers in Nature
These experiential learning programs connect toddlers with nature and empower accompanying adults to be nature teachers for their own children.
Senior Sunsets
This program is for elderly members of the community to reflect on their lives while enjoying a gorgeous sunset over Lake Erie at our nature preserve.
Rites of Passage
We recognize the importance of celebrating the milestones of human development. Built around ceremony and self-discovery, these programs honor those milestones in a meaningful way.
Our programs are tailored for the needs and interests of each individual group.
Our stream, meadows, and woodlands provide opportunities for natural experiences that touch the mind and spirit.