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Autumnal Adventures
Nature Adventure classes for children ages 4-7 starting this fall!

This Fall, we will be holding small classes for young children to come and encourage children to find the awe of nature. We will be offering different types of experiential classes for children to come and appreciate nature. Each class costs $15 per child, or $75 to attend all classes this season.

All social distance guidelines will be followed and for more information call (716) 792-7899.

Classes we will be holding:

Harvest Equinox, September 17th

Water Cycle, September 24th

Bird Migration, October 1st

Hibernation, October 8th

Leaves Changing, October 15th

Halloween, October 22nd

To register, click the following link, or scan the QR Code below

Our Trails are Open!

The trail system of Greystone Nature Preserve was opened to the public a month early so citizens can experience outdoor recreation. Two types of trails for hiking experience, both gentle and rugged, please hikers hike at your own risk. With the COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak, we believe it's super important for everyone to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while they can. For reservations, call (716) 679-6603.

Plant Walk to Welcome Autumn: Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Sat, Sept 19th

10am - 11:45am

Admission: $5 -- $10 donation (sliding scale). All proceeds go to Greystone Nature Preserve


It's easy to overlook local wild plants as we tend our vegetable and ornamental flower gardens. However, many of these "weeds" in our lawns, fields, and forest edges have been used for centuries for food, medicine and more. In this leisurely plant walk, Community Herbalist Sarah Sorci will introduce you to traditional uses of wild plants found at Greystone Nature Preserve.  Bring adequate sun protection, water, and a notebook if desired.


If weather is poor, an edible/medicinal plant program will take place indoors at Greystone.

*Please pre-register by contacting Sarah: (716) 997-2007 or

Projects Coming Soon


Our little cabin in the woods will be getting a new interior and porch addition.


The Wildflower Butterfly Garden,

we are currently installing a wildflower garden and hope there will be an increase in Monarch butterflies and other pollinators. 

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