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Greystone Nature


Greystone Nature Festival will be unique in that it will be a fun, educational experience centered around Bat, Birds, and Butterflies. These species are a vital part of the web of life by playing the role of pollinators. Attending the festival will give people the opportunity to learn about and to help nurture each of these sensitive species.

Throughout the day participants can indulge in fun, games, and food!

-Bat speeches, workshops, and walks with prominent national experts
-Unique displays on local bat research
-Bird and nature walks lead by local naturalists
-Butterfly preservation and protection workshops
-Medicinal Nature trail and workshops lead by a certified Herbalist
-Bioacoustics informational displays
-A plethora of creative crafts and interactive games
-Food vendors (including a “farm-to-table” option)
-Table presentations from a wide variety of environmental groups
-Sunset celebrations including: Bonfire, "Walk of Courage", and Fire Spinners

Guests will enjoy being surrounded by the spectacular natural beauty of Greystone:
-Will enjoy a wide variety of activities and educational experiences focused on these three vital species,
-Will develop a sense of environmental appreciation and stewardship.

Tickets at the gate:
$5 for adults
$3 for children

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