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Medicinal Plant Trail

North America is home to a wealth of native edible and medicinal plants. Indigenous peoples have a long history of relationship with these plants, and their knowledge was transmitted to both colonists and slaves. The Native Medicinal Plant Trail features a number of treasured native plants, including goldenseal, wild geranium, witch hazel, Solomon's seal, wild ginger, ramps, black cohosh, blue vervain, hawthorn and more.


Many of our native woodland medicinals have been overharvested or have experienced dramatic habitat loss. Some of these plants take a long time to germinate, and may take several years to produce seed. This makes it difficult for these species to recover once their populations have begun to decline. Greystone is a proud sanctuary for a number of plants deemed "At-risk" by United Plant Savers


Each year, Greystone partners with local herbalist Sarah Sorci of Sweet Flag Herbs to offer classes and workshops about edible and medicinal plants. Check out the Greystone events page to find out what's coming up.

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