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The Bat Lab at SUNY Fredonia

Greystone Nature Preserve presents: 

Come down to Fredonia's new Science Center at 1pm on Saturday, 9/16 to experience Greystone Nature Presere's Bat Lab! Greystone and Fredonia have collaborated to erect a "bat house" near the wood lot on campus. Greystone has been working tirelessly to erect these bat habitats all over Chautauqua county, in a powerful attempt to restore our local bat population. In celebration of one of our bat houses being welcomed to campus, we have planned a fun and informative festival for the Fredonia community!


There will be multiple speakers, tables featuring many different nature/conservation themed organizations, music provided by some of SUNY Fredonia's talented students, as well as exciting activities for young children! Snacks and refreshments will be served. When our guest speakers are finished with their presentations, we will take a nature walk through SUNY Fredonia's wood lot, ending at the location of the campus's brand new bat house!

We hope you will join us in our quest to get batty with SUNY Fredonia!

SUNY Fredonia's Science Center

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