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Experiential Education


The Greystone Nature Preserve's mission is to connect people to nature in a way that promotes appreciation and respect for the natural world.  To achieve this goal,  we immerse our visitors in the natural world at Greystone.  Our philosophy encourages experiencing nature rather than naming it.  At Greystone, we touch, smell, listen, taste, look and ponder more than focusing on the utility or name for any natural object we come across.  We allow our classes to be lead by their own curiosity and sense of wonder. Spending 90 minutes in the outdoors is our first goal. During this time we help to make students aware of temperature, wind, light, space, and feel a connection to the natural world surrounding them.

Field Days

Pre-K to 3rd Grade

Field Days 

During the months of May and June Field Days will provide pre-k and kindergarten students with the opportunity to be immersed in nature. This program aims to bring experiential environmental education to the youth of Chautauqua County through participation in nature themed stations and a picnic. This experience will instill a love for playing outdoors with the bonus of educational opportunities. 

Each Field Day is from 10 am until 1:30 pm, containing 4 fun, educational stations that run 20 minutes each. During the 30 minute lunch break, everyone can choose a beautiful place on the property in which to eat and play. Greystone will provide all supplies for the crafts, naturally flavored waters, and a healthy snack. There is also a small gift shop for more souvenirs!

At the end of the day the students and family will not only leave with crafts like pine cone bird feeders, but they will leaver with a connection to nature; to one another, and to the community.

Saturdays in Nature

Cassadaga Job Corps Center

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