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Organic Gardening


The majority of the foods that we grow are plants raised from our own seeds, produced here at Greystone.   Our gardens are completely organic, we do not use pesticides, insecticides, or fungicides on our plants.  Forging good community relationships, we barter for old hay organic gardens and horse manure which are the foundations of our rich soil.  Our chickens contribute to the fertilization as well, with their manure and bedding hay. We have three plots that raise different types of organisms.  We have been involved with the Rural Ministries Gleaning Program for many years.  We also have a variety of fruit trees and many types of berries.  Our proudest gardening achievement was bringing back a row of grapes abandoned in the early 1950s, flourishing chemical-free.  In our efforts to be sustainable, we have established wildlife plots of Jerusalem artichokes, chives, mint, wild apple trees, and are nurturing some native nut trees.  

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