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Social Media Outreach: Working with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Working with The Dunkirk Observer, local radio/television stations to give awareness of wild spaces in Chautauqua County.
Public Relations: Working on grant writing, media relations, and event planning. While assisting with updating and maintaining the website.
Research Organizer: Researching the pond into depth and checking out the microorganisms that live there. Assisting other programs such as the movements of monarchs into and out of the preserve and a new wild flower garden addition.
Invasive Species/Plants Researcher: Mapping the spread of these invasive species, as well as researching what native species could benefit the local environment as a replacement
Content Marketing Manager: Directing a newsletter and maintaining the output of content for Greystone. Bringing awareness to communities and keep people informed on Greystone's missions and opportunities.
Video Production: Creating videos of the events and posting them on the website. 
Nature Advocate: Tilling the land, planting, harvesting. Maintaining trails, mapping some of the tree planting trails. Looking over the medicine wheel and planted specialty flowers there and weeded some areas. Checking on trees previously planted, helped plant new ones. Taking care of the creek side, planted pussywillows and mapped area.
Environmental Education & Trail and Tree Maintenance: Maintaining the trees and trails at Greystone. Teaching guests about the trees and trails.  
Organic Farming:  Learning the whole process of farming from seed saving, to planting, harvesting  maintenance, preparation, freezing, cooking, canning.
There are more to come.
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